Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nick's Law in the House

Nick's Law HB 2459 has been assigned to the House Economic Development & Financial Services Committee. Rep. Colby Schwartz R-Yukon is the primary sponsor of Nick's Law in the House.

The Chairman of the House Economic Development & Financial Services committee is Rep. Ron Peterson R-Tulsa. Rep. Peterson has a long standing principal of not accepting any health care mandates into this committee. If the chairman is allowed to continue this unacceptable practice of not allowing legislation to be heard in his committee, the legislation will have difficulty becoming law.

The debate centers around the issue of health care mandates will cause increases to the overall cost of health care insurance. The estimated cost for Nick's Law is approximately $ .50 to $ 4.00 per contract per month. This is very small in comparison to the cost to the taxpayers as parents and families are putting tremendous pressure on the state for services. Many of those services have waiting lists of several years.

Please contact your Representative now!! Ask them to consider moving Nick's Law HB 2459 forward in committee.

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