Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oklahoma Legislature Conflicts

Many of us advocating for our children, are confronted with some mind numbing and head scratching comments and statements from our legislators.

Here is a list of them:

1. I do not believe that government should intervene into private business and dictate how to operate their business. The problem with that statement is that it is hypocritical at best and very callous and disingenious at worst. The supporters of less government are also big supporters of tort reform. Is that not government intervention?

2. Mandates will cause the cost of insurance to increase and thus, more people will become uninsured. True if you pile a lot of mandates that are not effect now. However, since no mandates have been passed since 2001 and insurance premiums keep rising at a rate of nearly 10%+ each year, something else is causing the increase and it is not mandates.

3. The parents of children with autism should seek the help of non-profits and churches for help, not the government. This response from a business leader that was picked to help the Speaker's initiative for the Health Care Task force clearly illustrates the ignorance of our leaders regarding problems from our citizens.

What needs to be discussed are the following:

1. The Republican Leadership is actually forcing those who have special needs, acute medical needs, and the elderly onto taxpayer funded and state run health care. Is that not socialized medicine. How ironic is that.

2. What is more fiscally conservative? By allowing more people to access medical care now to take care of their medical condition or forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab later when the costs will be higher and the outcomes not as promising?

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