Friday, April 3, 2009

Written by a Mom for her daughter

1. Please don't assume that you know what it is like to parent my child. The
only person who can possibly relate to my hopes and my dreams, my burdens,
my fears, and the difficulties I face, is GOD!

2. Please respect me for knowing my child better than anyone else. Please
accept the ideas I share as tools to help improve a situation for my child, not
words of criticism towards you.

3. My child does not speak well. We aren't able to enjoy the reciprocal
conversation about her day at school that you are able to enjoy with your own
children. Please communicate with me and allow me to communicate with you, so
that I may know about her day. I would like to be able to help her with her
difficulties and praise her for her efforts.

4. Please don't tell me I can't FIX my child. I was complimented by God that
he selected me for this journey - parenting a special needs child. God
grants me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...the most difficult
of all being that my child has special needs. I can't FIX that and make it go
away and I don't need to be reminded of that fact. But God also grants me the
serenity to change the things I can. My child is full of motivation, a love
for learning, a willingness to improve herself, and pride in her
accomplishments. Please respect me for encouraging her to be all that she can be. Please
respect her for her very hard word and accomplishments. No, I can't FIX her
disability. But I can provide her with all that she needs to make it easier to
live with. And by the way, God grants me the wisdom to know the difference.

5. Allow me to believe in miracles. After all, I do live with one. Don't
slam the doors on my hopes and my dreams.

6. Please respect me for the time, the effort, and the challenge of
educating myself in the different areas of the special needs of my child. I have a
need to learn all that I can about my child and how she sees the world. I am
willing to share this information with you, hoping it will make your job a bit
easier. My knowledge also enables me to help others, which gives me great

7. Please know that I am tired. There are days when I need some positive
reinforcement or a kind word. Because I understand that NEED, I try to provide
the same to you and all who are involved in helping my daughter be all that
she can be. When my "gas tank" is empty, it needs to be refilled!

8. Please know that I respect and appreciate all that you do. I know that your
job is almost as demanding as mine. When God selected me for this journey,
he sent angels along to help me. YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

Thank You!Written by: Diane O'Rourke-Bankus © 2003

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