Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Autism awareness plate doesn't reflect Republican priorities

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Brown suggests special license plate
Autism awareness plate doesn't reflect Republican priorities

Oklahoma City (May 19, 2009) State Capitol – After the House passed SB2, a bill to add several special license plates to those already available from the state, Democratic Floor Leader Mike Brown questioned if the House Republicans accidentally omitted one plate.

The bill would create, among others, an Autism Awareness license plate, but Rep. Brown suggested it would be more true to House Republicans' priorities if they had also included an Erectile Dysfunction Awareness plate.

"Since my Republican colleagues already voted once that they don't believe insurance coverage for autism treatment is at least as important as coverage for erectile dysfunction therapies, I would have expected them to be consistent and promote erectile dysfunction awareness right alongside autism awareness," said Rep. Brown, D-Tahlequah.

In February, Rep. Brown proposed an amendment that would require no Oklahoma insurance carrier can provide coverage for erectile dysfunction unless they also provide coverage for autism spectrum disorders. The amendment, which was offered to HB1028 – a bill that adds provisions to how insurers time and process insurance claims – was voted down along strict partisan lines, 59-37.

"Every Republican in the House chamber that day, including the Republican author of the license plate bill, voted against my amendment. They are on the record as saying that sexual pleasure is more important than the health of children with autism and the struggles of their families," he stated.

"If that's your real priority when it comes to health care, well, I disagree – but I'd at least like to see some consistency out of my colleagues across the aisle."

SB2 passed the House today 89-2

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I am not going to buy an Autism Awareness plate. What a cheap bone to throw to us folks affected by autism.
I will however buy my representative Weldon Watson an Erectile Disfunction Awareness Plate if the legislature approves such a measure.