Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dr. Jepson to lecture ASD

The Edmond Sun

Jepson to lecture on Autism Spectrum Disorders

In its second year, the Practice & Policy Lecture Series brings Dr. Bryan Jepson to open a dialog on the causes and treatments of Autism Spectrum Disorders at noon Feb. 11 at the Oklahoma History Center, 2401 N. Laird Ave., Oklahoma City.

He will discuss the current theories and research findings on causes and recommended treatments of autism. He also will discuss the medical treatment approach to autism rather than behavioral approaches. Jepson began investigating autism after his son was diagnosed with the disorder in 2001.

Jepson works for Thoughtful House Center for Children in Austin, and devotes his efforts to both the treatment and research of autism.

For more information, call the OKDHS Office of Planning, Research and Statistics at 521-3552. For more information on upcoming lectures and archives of previous lectures, visit the Practice and Policy Lecture Series Web site at:

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