Friday, January 30, 2009

OSEEGIB Memorandum on Nick's Law


Joe McCoy, CPA

Dana Webb


Trey Sarsfield, ASA, MAAA


Kelly Wilson, CPA

Frank Wilson, CPA

Timothy Nimmer, FSA, MAAA

Justin Kindy, FSA, MAAA

Colleen Thompson, FSA, MAAA

Jennifer Becker


January 20, 2009


SB 1

Dear Mr. McCoy and Ms. Webb,

Per your request, Aon reviewed the proposed Senate Bill 1, titled "Insurance - Create Nick's Law," related to an expansion of autism coverage in the State of Oklahoma. We relied on information from the legislature's independent actuarial study, including the findings that autism incidence in Oklahoma is approximately 1 in 500 children under the age of 18, and that the annual cost of implementing coverage in accordance with this bill is a minimum of $18,000 per autistic child, with a potential cost of $40,000 per autistic child. Based on our calculations, the impact to claims will be an increase of 1% or less. Based on Aon's recent projection of $755 million for calendar year 2009 Medical and Prescription Drug claims, the estimated dollar impact is not expected to exceed $7.5 million. The minimum impact Aon would be comfortable using for pricing and budget setting is one-third of 1%, or approximately $2.5 million. Please note that the legislation could result in lower costs than this figure; we simply feel this is the minimum estimate we can provide as responsible actuaries and stewards of OSEEGIB's health plans.

If you need further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Leonard (Trey) Sarsfield III, ASA, MAAA

Assistant Vice President

Aon Consulting

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