Friday, February 6, 2009

Gov Henry Urges Lawmakers to Reconsider Debate Ban on Autism Bill

Henry Urges Lawmakers To Reconsider Debate Ban On Autism Bill
posted 02/06/09

Oklahoma City - Gov. Brad Henry wants lawmakers to reconsider banning debate on mandating insurance coverage for autism.

Henry's comments today come two days after the House Economic Development and Financial Services Committee voted along party lines against House Bill 1312 by Tahlequah Rep. Mike Brown.

The action effectively keeps the issue from being revisited for two years. The fate of a similar measure in the Senate is uncertain.

Henry says there are good people on both sides of the issue who have different opinions. But he says the way to resolve those differences isn't with a two-year moratorium on any discussion.

Critics of the measure say it would drive up the costs for insurance coverage.

In his State of the State address Monday, Henry urged lawmakers to approve insurance coverage for autistic children.

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