Thursday, March 27, 2008

A grandmother's plea for Nick's Law

As the grandmother of a young child with autism, I have seen first-hand what a burden this disease places on families emotionally, physically and financially.

I have also witnessed first-hand the positive results of one-on-one ABA therapy. This therapy is recognized to be one of the most beneficial treatments for autism and gives parents much reason to hope for a brighter future for these children. Unfortunately, it is very costly, and without any outside assistance, it is out of reach for many parents, most of whom are young adults trying to raise a family and pay their bills.

Our state legislature recently had an opportunity to help these young people by passing SB 1537, known as "Nick's Law," which would require insurance companies to cover some of the costs for therapy and other related treatments for autism.

We asked our own senator, Todd Lamb, to support this bill only to be told he would not support a bill which placed mandates on insurance companies. (Some form of coverage for the treatment of autism is mandated in 17 other states, and studies have shown that any increase in insurance premiums is minimal.)

Apparently Mr. Lamb and many of his colleagues are more interested in catering to insurance companies than in helping Oklahoma's children. What a travesty. I hope many voters, will remember this when these politicians come up for re-election.

Donna Greve
11501 Richaven Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

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