Saturday, March 22, 2008

Questions to ask Legislators who oppose Nick's Law

During the debate on why Nick's Law is very important to the families and their children who are diagnosed with autism, several questions need to be asked of our legislators who opposed Nick's Law.

Q1. If you are not wanting to support Nick's Law, then what is your health care solution for the hundred's of autistic children?

Q2. Since Oklahoma is one of the least mandated states in the nation and one of the greatest % of uninsured (20%), what is causing this?

Q3. The cost of Nick's Law is estimated to cost less than 1% according to Agree?

Q4. What is your solution for helping stop the ever escalating divorce rate in the autism community that is currently 80%.

Q5. What is your solution for the parents and grandparents who have redeemed all their retirement savings to pay for the therapies and treatments?

Q6. Do you know what the potential yearly cost to each Oklahoma taxpayer because of supporting the insurance lobby instead of the taxpayers? clue to the answer (somewhere between $ 500-750 per year).

Q7. In your opinion, what are the leading causes in Oklahoma for rising insurance rates? Keep in mind Q2. It can not be from mandates since we are one of the least mandated states.

Q8. Does the insurance industry need an excuse or reason to raise rates? If so, can you provide us with one. Remember your answer from Q2 and Q7.

Q9. Do you believe that children with autism can recover?

Q10. Why is that you support the taxpayers in all discussions regarding budget, immigration, education, and homeland security, yet your support changes to insurance industry when the topic changes to health care?

Q11. Do you support the insurance lobby's efforts to rollback or remove existing health care mandates? If so, which existing mandates would you remove?

Q12. Would you support an unbiased study of health care costs in Oklahoma?

Q13. How much money have you received in campaign contributions (last election cycle) from the health care insurance lobby?

Q14. Please rate from 1-5 the largest contributors to health care costs in Oklahoma.
* Personal Wellness
* Paperwork inefficiency
* Health Care mandates
* The use of the Emergency Room instead of your primary care physician
* The overlapping of new technology

Q15. What was the last health care mandate passed into law in Oklahoma? Was there any substantial cost increases reported by the insurance industry?

Q16. How many taxpayers are in the state of Oklahoma? How many private insurance policy holders? (clue = policy holders are nearly 1/2 of the amount of taxpayers)

Q17. Should the parents and families of autistic children that are paying for health care insurance, drop their policy in favor of using that money for treatments?

Q18. Should the general public, who are paying for health care insurance, drop their policies because they do not want to pay for an existing mandate that they will never need? (Men paying for breast cancer, non smokers paying for lung cancer treatments)

Q19. Please provide your definition of Universal Health Care. Remember, you might be helping getting us to that scenario faster than you think.

Q20. Should health care insurance pay for medical conditions such as child birth, broken legs, drug and alcohol rehab, well baby check ups, and mental health conditions. Why not autism?

Q21. How many children are being diagnosed in Oklahoma aith autism each year using CDC statistics?

Q22. When these children age out and become adults, as the first big wave of them will start in the next 4 years, do you know what the cost to the state of Oklahoma will be for the lifetime care for each individual? (Harvard study 2006 - clue = starts with a 3 and has 6 zeros behind it.)

Q23. What do you propose to handle the bankruptcy rate that is 5 times greater than the average?

Q24. What do you propose to handle the foreclosure rate that is 3 times greater than the average?

Q25. Do you believe that insurance companies should provide medical coverage or should the state of Oklahoma provide medical coverage?

Q26. It has been said that if Oklahoma allows Nick's Law as a mandate, then insurance companies will leave the state. Where will they go? To another state that has more mandates?

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