Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thank You to all Parents

We want to thank all of the parents, grandparents, and friends for a wonderful job helping pass Nick’s Law out of the Oklahoma Senate. It was truly an inspiration to see all of you making appointments with your legislators, informing them on autism effects your daily life and what Nick’s Law would mean to your family. We have been told by many of the legislator assistants, that the number of phone calls, letters, and emails were incredible. All of you are to be congratulated for a job well done.

We are now half way home. Nick’s Law is now in the House. Next week we will have an announcement regarding the course of action. Nick’s Law Steering committee and Anne Roberts, Exec Dir, Oklahoma Institute of Child Advocacy, will be meeting to develop an action plan.

The 3 bills that have Nick’s Law as an amendment are:

SB 2157 – Sen Barrington and Rep Charlie Joyner.

SB 1895 – Sen Aldridge and Rep Ron Peterson

SB 2118 – Sen Sparks and Rep Doug Cox, MD.

A request from the steering committee. Since all three bills passed with great bipartisan support, we ask that you write a personal thank you card to your senator and mail it. Then write a thank you card to Sen Gumm and Sen Easley. They carried Nick’s Law as amendments last week in the Senate. It is truly amazing on their commitment!!

You can obtain your senator address at

Also, please send a note of support to the House sponsors mentioned above as well.

Last thing; You have walked with us this far, are you willing to go a little further?

Thank You

Nick’s Law Steering Committee

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