Sunday, March 2, 2008

Parents Day at the Capitol Part 2

Parent's Day at the Capitol will resume on Tuesday, March 4th. This is the second visit to the capitol for many of the parents to discuss with their legislators, the importance of Nick's Law and Autism.

Dee Blose, chairperson of Nick's Law Steering Committee along with other members of the committee will be at the capitol to assist parents and family members with information and directions to offices.

Because Nick's Law is now known as amendments to many bills in the Senate, it is very important that we all discuss how autism has effected our daily lives and how it effects the state of Oklahoma.

HB 2459 is still a live bill in the House waiting on a committee hearing. However, it appears that Rep. Colby Schwartz's bill will not heard in a hearing, therefore, it will suffer the same fate as SB 1537 in the Senate.

However, Senators Gumm, Anderson, Easley, along with Rep Schwartz have many options to use.

As Senator Gumm mentioned in his press conference last week, "There is an awful amount of talk in this building about family values. I don't believe you have the right to talk about family values unless you support the policies that value the families like this. This is why we were sent here."

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